Online Marketing Tips for Help During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Online Marketing Tips for Help During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Online Marketing Tips for Help During the COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 has changed the way the world does business.  We no longer go to the store for groceries.  We are required to wear masks when out in public.  We’re told to sanatize everything before bringing new products into the house.  And for good reason;  the COVID 19 virus is hurting families around the globe and mesures have to be taken in order to ensure our families and friends – especially the elderly – stay safe.

A lot of businesses are struggling during this time.  People are out of work, and a lot of restaurants are having to find new ways to make sure they stay open for business.  Here is some basic advice on making the most out of your online marketing strategies.

Marketing Tips For Restaurants During COVID19

  1. Make sure you offer delivery options.  DoorDash , GrubHub, and other services will deliver.  You may also want to hire a delivery driver to reduce the delivery fees your customers pay.  Some customers don’t feel comfortable with these services, and having a delivery driver will help sales.
  2. Publish your menu online – Make sure your most current menu is available online at your website.
  3. Google Business Listings – If you don’t have a Google Business Page listing, sign up and get verified.  This will help with local sales.  Get reviews from your customers.
  4. Offer discounts or free products.
  5. Every Door Direct Mail Marketing – Send post cards and/or your menu to a 10 mile radius around your home.  This will inform new residents of your location.  You may want to offer free delivery within 5 miles, or provide a “Free Delivery” discount code.  Other options to offer new customers are free drinks, save 10% on a $30 order, lunch specials, and more.
  6. You may want to offer free hand sanitation napkins with delivery meals.  This will help people feel safe with their delivery.

For Local Retail Businesses

  1. Build an e-commerce solution on your website
  2. Consider Amazon or Ebay as alternative sale solutions
  3. Offer free shipping with any orders that are $50 or more.
  4. EDDM marketing informs all customers of your location.  Provide a link to your online store.  Advise customers you will deliver to their home for a nominal cost, or offer curbside pickup.
  5. Make sure to carry hand sanitizers
  6. Have some type of hand sanitizer when customers walk through the door and at checkout.

Perdue Vision is here to help you and make sure your business makes it through these tough times.  If you have any questions, or are interested in a free marketing consultation, we’d be happy to talk with you about what your business can do to prevent a loss of sales, and maximize your ROI for online and advertising sales.  There are hundreds of creative strategies people can take to ensure their business stays afloat, and to provide the best services to their customers.   Every business is different, and if we can help you increase your sales, either online or offline, we will.  Contact us today.

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