EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

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Buford, GA Every Door Direct Mail is the perfect cost effective solution for local businesses to get their campaign to every door on a street, in a neighborhood, within a few mile radius, an entire city or zip codes.  EDDM is highly effective marketing tool that many businesses overlook.  EDDM is inexpensive and effective.

Benefits of Direct Mail to Every Door Mailings; EDDM Marketing Campaigns

Every Door Direct Mailing is an amazing (and often overlooked) advertising tool that many businesses will find as a cost-effective solution to reaching their local target market. Perdue Vision is here to help walk you through the EDDM marketing process to make your direct mailing campaign a success by driving your customers.

EDDM advertising has been such a success with local businesses due to it’s simplicity, accessibility, and affordable pricing

EDDM (every door direct mail) marketing enables businesses to send advertisements to every address within a neighborhood without having to purchase a mailing list. Simply select the zone you wish to send your advertisement, design your postcard or flyer, and pay for the printing and postage.

EDDM postage is less expensive than other types of direct mail marketing, simply because EDDM doesn’t require a mailing address on the actual envelope, you will not need a postage permit.

EDDM retail items can be dropped off at local post offices

Every door direct mail marketing can help both small and large businesses find new customers, drive more traffic to their location, and greatly increase annual revenue.

Every door direct mail marketing is perfect for grand openings, restaurants, car dealerships, and other types of local businesses who have a broad target audience. EDDM campaigns are best for businesses with a large local target audience who depend on their community for

What is every door direct mail?
The United States Postal Service, or USPS, offers a service called “Every Door Direct Mail,” or EDDM for short. EDDM campaigns are an affordable direct-to-door marketing solution for local business owners to reach a large group of people in a specific market.

At Perdue Vision, our #1 mission is to provide your business with the necessary tools and materials needed to ensure your advertising ROI is reaching it’s maximum potential.

EDDM direct to mail to every door

Every door direct mailing is one of the most cost effective marketing solutions available to local businesses. All you have to do is select the area you’d like to have your postcard, flyer, or other advertisement mailed to and we handle the rest. We suggest starting your EDDM marketing campaign with about 500 addresses in scope, however you can send up to 5,000 mailings per business day per zip code. The great thing about this is the only thing you have to worry about as a business owner is what type of advertisement you want sent out, the target market you’d like to send the advertisements to, and how many homes you’d like to receive your advertisement. When you outsource your EDDM marketing campaign to Perdue Vision, we can help you design your advertisement and guide you as you hone in on what works best. Sometimes, this may include split testing campaigns to see what style of advertisement works best. You may also wish to try different styles of advertisements to see which types of promotions work best for your business.

Does every door direct mail work?

EDDM marketing campaigns are an effective advertising solution that are proven to increase overall sales, generate new leads, and drive new traffic to your business establishment.

How long does every door direct mail take?

The standard time for every door direct mail to be delivered generally takes about 2 days.

What are EDDM postcards?

EDDM postcards are a type of direct mailing that are standard post card size.  They are useful design option because they allow front and back printing, with the ability to add menu items, coupons, current sales, and other messages that you’d like to provide your base market with.

What is the minimum size for EDDM?

In order for a mail to be considered for “standard flat” pricing, it’s dimensions must be 3.5″ x 5″ long, and 0.007″ thick.
How much is Every Door Direct Mail per piece?

EDDM pricing through the USPS have different pricing. When mailing “flats,” EDDM Retail USPS Marketing Flats are priced at two different rates.

EDDM Retail USPS Marketing Flats are currently priced at $.0.191 cent per piece
EDDM BMEU USPS Marketing Mail Flats can be as low as $0.164 per piece

What does BMEU stand for?

BMEU stands for “Business Mail Entry Unit,” which means that the mail can be addressed in it’s simplified format and mailed out as EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail.

What is the difference between EDDM and BMEU?

When ail is in it’s simplified address format, it can be entered as a business mail entry unit at a retail location in your local post office. When direct mailing is entered into the system as BMEU, it’s called “Every Door Direct Mail.”

The main difference between EDDM and BMEU only has to do with where the mail is dropped off. If the mail is dropped off at a retail location, it is generally called BMEU. When the same standard mail is dropped off at the post office, it is referred as EDDM retail.

Every Door Direct Mail Retail , or EDDM Retail, was created by the USPS to meet the needs of first-time mailers – which generally includes small – mid-sized businesses. Most of these businesses who use EDDM retail are just starting to work with every door direct mailing. EDDM retail doesn’t require a postage permit, and they don’t have any special fees that have to be covered in order to send the mailing advertisements. Also, EDDM customers are able to drop off their flyers, postcards, or envelopes at local post offices.

EDDM retail only accepts standard mail flats. They must be destined for the local delivery area, and cannot weigh more than 3.3 ounces. EDDM retail are limited to a max. amount of pieces at 5,000 per day, per advertisement. If you have questions about carrier-route information, or are looking for a specific target market, (residences and/or businesses ), please contact Perdue Vision at <tel=123-456-789> now and we can help guide you through the steps necessary to ensure you have a successful EDDM Retail launch.

Once marked for mailing, the EDDM retail postage will look like this:

EDDM Retail


Does EDDM mail require a return address?

Yes, EDDM mail requires a return address so your base knows where the mail came from.

What are the size requirements for EDDM?

The standard sizes for direct mail to every door mailings are generally: 4.25″ X 10.625″, 4.25″ x 15″, 6.25″ x 9″, and 6″ x 11″.

How long does it take for EDDM to be delivered?

Most Every Door Direct Mail Marketing messages are delivered within 2 – 5 days after drop-off.  Generally, they are quicker than that because you are delivering to a local area.

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