Perdue Vision LLC does not only offer direct mail but we make sure that your business or event is using the right method of direct mail to ensure the best results. You may want to target a specific demographic or potential clientele or you may just want to saturate the surrounding area of your business so local business and or residents know you exist. Just about any company can handle a direct mail champaign these days. However with Perdue Vision LLC we will make certain that the design and printing of your piece is effective and of a quality that will jump aside all that other junk your prospects receive. We will also hold your hand throughout the entire process with high quality customer service and communication. You will leave the process feeling confident that you made the right decision and we are happy that you chose us to help you get there! Feel free to contact us if your looking for any of the below direct mail or email solutions!

• Get a turnout with event invitations.
• Direct mail and email mailing lists.
• Build your donor relationships nonprofit charitable mailings.
• Affecting the public opinion & inciting action with political & advocacy mailings.
• Reaching prospects & increasing enrollment with student recruitment.
• Market your small, midsize or large business with online direct mail solutions.
• Brand reach and customer touch with business to consumer mailings.
• Association memberships to recruit that aid recruitment, retention and participation.
• Branding and message management for Franchisors.

To see more samples of our design and print work as it relates to Direct Mail, check out our graphic design and printing portfolios on this website!

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