I am a real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Georgia Properties. I needed a high-res photo to be used for an outdoor advertising and direct mail marketing activation. We were operating on a very short timeline and needed the high res photo completed over the weekend. I called Paul on a Friday night and he graciously accommodated our needs and invited us to his studio for a Sunday afternoon appointment. Paul’s photos were fantastic and he even offered to mock up a billboard for our consideration. He sat down with us, on the spot, and began to create a billboard, with input directly from us, while we were there with him. By doing this while we were sitting with him, it saved us countless e-mails back and forth. Paul did fantastic work for us and over-delivered against our expectations! He kindly accommodated our tight timeline and even provided a value added service by creating a billboard for us…which we used! We gladly recommend Paul for any of your needs offered under his diverse talent umbrella! Paul came through for us in a pinch, with absolutely no head-aches….he was awesome!

Jeanine Blumer - Real Estate Agent, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Paul is eager, personable, and easy to work with. He took the time to listen to my needs and helped me get the results I wanted. I recommend his work and work-ethic to those in search of reasonable photography.

Tut Brown - Manager, Graphic Design, Newell Rubbermaid

Paul is a wonderful photographer. He got many great shots. I would trust and recommend him for any special occasion.

Travis Key - MLO, Regions

QA Specialist at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Owner, digital:analog music, Photography, graphic design, web... you name it, Paul can do it, and well. Deadlines are never a problem and his eye for design is well focused. Combining that with a winning personality and level head in tense situations should put Paul at the top of anyone's hiring list.

Arthur Murph

A great value, delivered on time, with awareness of the clients input.

Bill Perdue - Owner, RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

I was working on a couple of ads for my company and I had spent many hours putting together what I had originally thought looked like professional ads. I sent my proofs over to Paul to see what kind of ideas he had that would improve what I was doing. In about an hour he sent back total re-workings of my ads; and instead of looking homemade like the originals, the revised ads looked incredible. They were so professional and made me realize that I never should have spent my time working on them. Paul will be designing all of my advertising from now on because he is not only professional and prompt, he is really creative. In addition to designing the ad, we were in a time crunch to get the printing done and Paul arranged a rush order that arrived exactly when we needed it to--four days later. Paul is great at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone in need of his design or other creative services.

Harry Shurek - Owner, Shurek Accounting & Tax, LLC

Paul created MG Euro Design's web site and our business cards. He is excellent to work with, very creative and reliable. If you are looking for a professional web designer, or want to create any other advertising materials, I am strongly recommending Paul Perdue!

Gabriela Cornea - Owner, M&G EuroDesign

Fabulous work! Very creative! Easy to work with and timely!

Tara Zak - Owner, Hamilton Plaza Animal Hospital

Paul Perdue is an extraordinary individual with a wide range of skills. He is one of my favorite past and current coworkers. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Paul, originally, at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and our paths continue to cross as freelancers and business owners. I have actually recommended Paul’s work on numerous occasions. He is very proactive, not only with his business ventures (PerdueVision), but also in his creativity/design. He is not afraid to venture outside of the norm to meet the clients’ needs. Basically he’s a really smart and hard-working guy....

Sara Blunk - Multimedia Designer, Social Media fanatic & Serial Entrepreneur

Paul Perdue truly exemplifies the words 'talented' and 'professionalism'. Paul is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is very motivating and contagious. He designed our logo, constructed and maintains our incredible website, our marketing materials, printing etc. I highly recommend him to any and all businesses in need of a logo, graphics, website and complete corporate branding or restructuring. Paul continually amazes me with his creative talent and dynamic work and professionalism from beginning to end.

Laurie A. Sossa - Founder, CEO, Southern Barter Club and Eco-Trade Global

Paul and I have worked together several times. He has always done an excellent job. I would recommend him for your photography and graphic design needs.

Graham Kinard - Network Design Engineer, AT&T Mobility

Paul is one of the hardest working, young entrepreneurs that I know of in the north Atlanta metro area. Not only will he get the job done, but he will do so with fine quality and a high degree of customer satisfaction. I recommend Paul for your basic business needs.

Ruben Maestre - Licensed Retirement Specialist, Large Regional Bank

Creating and Executing Public Relations Campaigns with Measurable Objectives I have used Paul for dozens of graphic design projects. Paul provides excellent and reliable creative services. He delivers not just what you ask for, but also possibilities you haven't thought of. Companies that utilize Paul's services will not be disappointed.

Brennan Robison - APR

Paul has always been willing to work with me. His enthusiasm and a sincere willingness to assist me wherever he can is demonstrated in his prompt response when I call. I look forward to working with him soon.

Carolyn Hawthorne - Owner, Hawthorne Graphics & Production

When you are looking for the best in photography and graphics design to take your business to the next level, then look no further than PerdueVision. I first hired Paul for photography work at my church and later for my business. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Paul is professional and innovative; with a creative genius that takes his work beyond the ordinary. He has a clear passion for his craft that is evident in the artistry of the finished products he provides to clients.

Jackie Curvan - Innovative HR Transformation and Conflict Mgt Leader, Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer, Career & Life Coach

Paul has high integrity and he is a breath of fresh air from the machine-like business world where people wonder if anyone cares if their individuality is considered in the requested project. Paul considers everyone unique and deserving unique solutions to their requested work.

Marilyn Hartness - Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Ceramics, Wingate University

Paul has great communication skills. He makes you feel very comfortable and excited about the job at hand. He is a leader and a smart businessman at the same time. I've never been around someone who is willing to take the time to share information that will help benefit the other person. He is a hardworking, selfless professional. I highly recommend Paul Perdue!

Rocky Warner - Online Advertising Designer, AJC. Search Engine Marketing, Quicksites Atlanta

Paul is creating a new website for Smart Barter USA. Along with that, he has produced a logo and business card that reflects me and my personality. Not an easy feat, but he did it in about half an hour. It is well worth your while to talk with Paul.

Jon Williamson - President, chief cook and bottle washer, Southern Dreams, LLC

I really enjoy working with Paul. He is a great person, highly creative and dependable.

Phillip Saxton - Founder & President, Small Business Samaritans

Paul has great ethics. He is a real go-getter and willing to meet any challenge. I highly recommend Mr. Perdue for any project that needs the creative punch!

Daniel Espeut - President, Espeuté Productions

I have worked with Paul in the past on various projects. I would give him a concept of what I was looking for, and every single time, he would bring a product that simply nailed what I was after. He's very professional, creative, insightful and dependable.

Mike Washington - IT Specialist at U.S. SEC and Owner, D&M Home Improvements

Paul Purdue is one of the most talented graphic designers and artists I worked with while at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the South's largest newspaper. He has a good eye for detail and a great mind for design. He was always easy to work with because he listened to you about your company and what it was they were going for in their advertising. Everything I've seen him do since then has been phenomenal. He's driven, professional, and constantly looking to increase his business in the best way possible. When my boyfriend opened up his own sports bar, Paul was there providing everything from the website down to the designs and the logo for the company. If I ever needed any future advertising/graphic/photography work done, he would certainly be my first call.

Melinda Boyd - Account Executive, Atlanta Journal Constitution

I have hired Paul to provide photography and print services for 4 large events in the past year. Paul was reliable and easy to work with each time. He was always prompt and prepared for each event and provided the photos in a very timely manner. In addition, I feel he went above and beyond on a couple of occasions. Finally, and possibly most importantly, Paul and his team are very talented. They know their craft! I will definitely be hiring PerdueVision again in the future.

Lei Lydle - Wedding Industry Publisher, Actor, Online Marketing Expert

Paul printed my business cards at a better price than I was able to get elsewhere, and the cards came out beautifully. He was courteous, professional, and completed the job on time. I will most definitely use his services again and recommend him without reservation.

Dahlys Hamilton - Founder/ CEO, Metro Atlanta Business Network | World Trade Center Atlanta Programs Cmte| Rainmaker

Paul designed my business cards and did a beautiful job. He made the process easy and was very patient while I made changes and decided on a design. In addition, he is also responsive and personable. I recommend Paul without reservation.

Rosie Milan - Virtual Assistant, Healthy Approach VA

Paul stood beside us as we worked to promote a business in a time when other companies were walking away from business. He is a very detailed, multi-tasking person that gets the job done very economically.

L. Wayne Denton

I have worked with Paul Perdue on several occasions and he has always been a complete professional. He is always a pleasure to deal with and a tremendous talent.

Thomas Cheshire - Writer and Independent Contractor

Paul was initially a client of mine and later provided me with a new corporate logo, business cards, and photographs for my inspection website. Paul actually approached me out of the blue with a new concept for my logo. Paul's done a great job with customer service and delivery of marketing materials to help grow my business. I highly recommend working with Paul.

Hank Spinnler, Harmony Homes Inspections

I met Paul about a year ago at an event through the Southern Barter Club; as a photographer, I've found him to be extremely friendly and engaging. I have viewed his portfolio, which is very beautiful, and have since then recommended him to several clients of mine. Paul and I have forged a partnership through recommending one another clients and/or prospective clients.

Lisa Barton - Owner, Taste & See Catering and Event Planning, L.L.C.

Paul was able to take a general idea for a logo and ad concept and run with it... bringing me results that were breathtaking and unrivaled. He walked through the generalities to find out what I needed.

Bretton Tanner

Paul is a creative and energetic marketer. We have connected due to very similar philosophies. He puts his client's needs at the fore-front of everything else. You can't miss by partnering with Paul and PerdueVision for any of your marketing and business communication needs.

John Clauss - Owner, JMJ Direct

Very pleased with my Business Card creation provided by Paul! The design process was approached from several angles until we set upon a characture idea that really made my business logo pop. Paul did a terrific job of helping the rough idea take on polish and pizzazz. I would highly recommend him for your graphics needs. I will utilize his services further to grow my cooking/catering business.

Kathy Hill

I would recommend Paul for any of your graphic design needs, and he also excels in photography. I would and have hired Paul for many jobs. I suggest you give him a try.

Jennifer Reuter, Weemonsters

Paul has a heart of gold and even put his personal possessions on the line just to put on a fundraising event called Jam For The Cure to help find a cure for Leukemia. I'm always honored to do whatever I can to help on his projects. What a great guy.

Chris Horton - Internet Marketing Specialist/SEO/SEM, The Shops at 24Seven