Perdue Vision LLC offers every variable of website design and development period! We offer in person meetings for website design in Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Dacula and surrounding areas as well as virtual meetings everywhere else in the world. Every client that reaches out to us is a custom situation because no two businesses are the same. Everyone has different expectations, goals and budgets. Perdue Vision assesses your company 's specific situation to determine the best direction in which to take your website development. Because every website project is different, we want to make certain the functionality, SEO, content and graphics are accurately branding your company to not only develop traffic to the site but convert that traffic to actual customers. Checkout newsletter and email marketing blasts that we can implement to increase your website traffic as well. Don't forget that we can assist you in transferring or acquiring your domain names as well. Everything we do has to speak for the quality and professionalism of your business as well as our business. The one thing we do not offer is canned solutions that only deals with cheap pricing. We are not the company if you want to toss something up cheap and fast.
We rely heavily on word of mouth marketing so if your website is not effective or does not do all that you need it to, your not going to refer us to your clients and vendors. With every website we train our clients how to use them so they can take the reigns and success of their site into their own hands. We only offer custom designed content management systems with back end access so that you can log in and change content, write blogs, manage emails, network, and even sell products with eCommerce! All we need is a short phone call or in person meeting to identify your current situation, where you would like to be, what your budget is and from that we can put together a custom personalized estimate unique to your business free of charge with no obligation. Don't forget to checkout our available web / email hosting and maintenance plans as well as our social media services available as well. Take a look below to see examples of the professional and creative design and development we provide for our clients:
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